Shred - Gnarberry Hybrid 7g

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THC:   17.9%
CBD:   0.07%

Notes of berry and fruity aromas combine for an experience that’s as refreshing as its affordable price point. A combination of pre-shredded whole-flower with berry and fruity aromas. Some people put berries in their smoothies, others do this.



SHRED is here to make your cannabis experience easier. From roll to bowl, SHRED is pre-milled, high quality whole-flower that’s ready-to-use. You can trust that every pouch is top-shelf, never shake. And you won’t find stems or sticks, either just pre-milled nugs with at least 18% THC. You already grind hard enough, let us grind your bud for you.

THC: 17.9%
CBD: 0.07%
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