Daily Special - Balanced Softgels Hybrid (30pc)

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THC:   2.5 mg / piece
CBD:   2.70 mg / piece

Daily Special Balanced Softgels contain both THC and CBD carefully extracted from premium flower products using super-critical CO2 extraction. Convenient, discreet, odourless, and smoke free, each softgel is encapsulated in a clear gel capsule and contains full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes blended with high oleic sunflower oil. They’re easy-to-swallow, affordably priced and no accessories are required. Effects take longer than dried flower to kick in but are longer-lasting. Each bottle contains 30 easy-to-swallow gel capsules containing 2.2 – 3.05 mg of THC and 2.5 - 3.5 mg of CBD in each cap.

THC: 2.5 mg / piece
CBD: 2.70 mg / piece
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